Our company, Grupa Animpol Limited Partnership has an over a decade long tradition of producing and selling poultry. We were founded in 2002, and ever since then, we have been continuously active in the poultry industry, with particular orientation towards the integrated production of Polish Oat Goose.

This process is based on coordinating activities to achieve the final product that is poultry meat, giblets, and feathers. We possess a parent stock of geese that we care for specially, since it is thanks to them that we can supply hatcheries with good quality eggs guaranteeing high class genetic material. We deliver the Polish Oat Goslings born from these eggs to poultry farms with which we have signed long-term contracting agreements. We place a strong emphasis on selecting suitable breeders, for whom geese breeding has been a tradition over many generations. Adult birds are brought to the Slaughterhouse Establishment, with which we have been cooperating since the foundation of our company. The slaughterhouse is possesses not only HACCAP, but also IFS quality systems, thanks to which we can make the guarantee for our customers that our products fulfill the requirements of the European market.

We care for product quality during every step of production. Our employees regularly visit breeders to supervise and support geese breeding. Personnel appropriately trained for quality management also take care for the Production Plant to operate in accordance with implemented quality procedures.

The produced goods enter our cold stores in frozen form. The frozen goods are then transported directly to the customer, so that a fresh product can reach the final customer as quickly as possible.



It is thanks to our customers that we are so active today and we owe them the recognition that our products have gained on domestic and foreign markets. Every recipient of our products is unique to us, and we wish for every one of them to be treated individually.

We invite you to contact our sales department, which will present you with our company's detailed offer, and opportunities in the scope of sales of our products, with great pleasure.


We invite poultry breeders to cooperate with us in the fattening of the White Koludzka Goose, both commercial and parent stocks. We cooperate on the grounds of long-term contracting agreement, and we offer our breeders:

  • high quality nestlings from leading hatcheries, with which we have signed long-term contracts
  • zootechnical and veterinary care for commercial and parent stocks
  • shipment of birds by means of specialized vehicles
  • punctual payments, and for interested breeders, advance rates for cooperation
  • possibility of payment for nestlings at final billing


President of the Board

Mariusz Szymkowiak
Tel.: 0048 95 725 96 59
Tel: 0048 95 728 23 44
Email: m.szymkowiak@animpol.pl

Sales Department

Katarzyna Siwiec
Tel.: 0048 785 196 486
Tel.: 0048 95 333 0 335
Tel: 0048 95 725 96 59
Email: k.siwiec@animpol.pl

Emilia Pałucka
Tel.: 0048 601 081 552
Tel: 0048 95 725 96 59
Email: e.palucka@animpol.pl

Production coordination

Michał Chmielarz
Tel.: 0048 607 128 375
Email: m.chmielarz@animpol.pl

Grupa Animpol Sp. z o.o. Sp. Kom.

ul. Podmiejska 21a
66-400 Gorzów Wlkp.

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Tel: 0048 95 725 96 59
Email: info@animpol.pl


Sebastian Basoń
Tel.: 0048 95 725 96 59
Tel: 0048 95 728 23 44
Email: s.bason@animpol.pl

Contracting Department

Patrycja Dobrzyńska
Tel.: 0048 697 999 774
Email: kontraktacja@animpol.pl

Contracting Department-Duck

Filip Szkudlarek
Tel.: 0048 662 168 367
Email: filip.szkudlarek@polfex.pl